Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrities and their Pets

Many celebrities like cats, dogs and other "pets". A pet can be a comfort and there's nothing better than getting a wet kiss when you least expect it. Check out some of these celebs and their furry best friends!

Victoria Beckham

Marlon Brando

Freddie Mercury

Elizabeth Taylor

Charlie Chaplin

Andy Samberg

Michelle Pfeiffer

Karen Elson

Ian Anderson

Cameron Diaz

Adam Sandler

Bob Dylan

Christina Ricci

Robert Smith

Sam Rockwell

Hugh Laurie

Jason Mraz

Michael Jackson

Patti Smith

Carl Barat

Audrey Kitching

Bam Margera

Drew Barrymore

Adriana Lima

Dita Von Teese

Audrey Hepburn

Evgeni Plushenko


Christoph Waltz

Karen Elson

Paris Hilton

Claudia Schiffer

Ian Somerhalder

Michael Showalter

Sean Hayes

Sienna Miller

Pete Doherty

James Franco

Ava Gardner

Johnny Depp

Winston Churchill


Sierra Kusterbeck

Katy Perry

Peter Lorre

Anthony Perkins

Vladimir Putin

Crystal Castles

Elton John

Penelope Cruz

Alfred Hitchcock

Hannah Glasby

Mark Twain

George Harrison


James Dean



Amy Carter

Kim Novak

Robert De Niro

Hilary Swank

Carla Bruni

Brigitte Bardot

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